Product information

Our stylish ZONO-bottles contain a 70 ml mixture of different spirits, liqueurs, juices and sweeteners. In 14 different classic cocktails flavors, ready to be mixed!

The idea with our product is to make it easier for companies and users to make high standard cocktails in with little effort.

ZONOs perks and advantages:

Time efficient

Mixing a cocktail using ZONO is up to 10 times as fast as mixing a cocktail from scratch and you don’t even need to look up the ingredients, which can be time consuming. Just grab a ZONO, pour it in a glass of ice and add the intended topping read on the bottle - DONE.


Making cocktails using products from ZONO is better from a economical point of view. Instead of buying up to more than 10 different ingredients + full size bottles of alcohol and mix everything yourself, use ZONO! All alcohol is premixed with the right measurements in just ONE bottle. Follow the steps on the bottle for a classic cocktail, experiment by adding something new, or, just take a shot directly from the bottle. Do you want to make a larger number? No problem! Choose ZONOs 700ml dosing bottle. Completed with a 70 ml dosing pourer.


ZONO make it easy. Why? Because with ZONO you can skip all the recipe searching, syrup making, juice pressing, drink shaking, stirring, straining, spill, dishes and the need for the right equipment. ZONO makes your life a bit more easy.

No previous experience

It will never be as simple to make a cocktail as with ZONOs 2 step mixing. Pour the content into a glass with ice and simply top the drink with the recommended topping – cocktail done! This means that anyone can make a perfect cocktail in no time.

Always a good result

Always the right quantity. Not to much nor to less. Lagom (as we say in Sweden). Everything in the ZONO bottle is carefully measured by an experienced bartender to guarantee a great mixture. As a business owner both you and your customers will be happy. But you decide if you want to top the drink with freshly pressed juice or juice from concentrate. Your choice will affect the end result.

Less space

Living in a small apartment? Working in a crowded bar? Or wanting to drink a cocktail on the run? ZONO will suit you good! For businesses, it’s a perfect product for your cabin crew to serve, inside a hotel minibar, inside a vending machine or maybe as a concept for your bar & restaurant.


What makes ZONO unique is that we use a base mixture of alcohol in our product. This means that the taste will not be any different from the cocktails you make by yourself at home to the one you order in any bar. The difference lays in what quality of soft drink or juice you choose to add to the ZONO cocktail. Other drinkmix companies do it the other way around and you have to add the alcohol which makes the flavor predetermined, and in our meaning, it doesn’t taste as good and it feels a bit fake. That gave us the idea of creating ZONO cocktails.


With 14 classic flavors you will have a great variation. You’ll have even more variations if you use your imagination and experiments! Depending on what you add to your ZONO the variations are unlimited. The things we recommend you to add are products you usually find in a restaurant, bar or at home. They are cheaper and easier to get hold of. Some of our drinkmixes have double variations of what kind of drink you can make, some can be made as a shooter/frozen or other. Tips and ideas of what you can do you be found on our website.


The bottle is made out of a light weight, strong, glossy, blank aluminum. Which gives you a recyclable, rapid cooling bottle with a luxurious feeling and a bottle that can take a punch. Available in 70 ml portion bottle and as a 700 ml bottle completed with 70 ml dosing pourer.